Engima Asia Online 2017

Welcome to the Asia’s First Online Mathematics Competition-Engima 2017

What is Enigma? 
Enigma is a bi-annual series of online, academic challenges designed to be a fun way for students in grades 3 to 12 to learn core constructs in Mathematics, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) and English without academic or peer pressure.

Who runs an Enigma Challenge? 
Enigma is conducted in affiliation with the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) (with a 35 year history of engaging with 25 million students in over 30 countries), and a volunteer team of award winning educators and researchers. Meet our contest panel here.

Who is eligible for Enigma? 
All students in relevant grade levels are eligible to take part in the challenges – grades 3 to 12 for Mathematics, grades 5 to 12 for CAT, and grades 5 to 12 for English. There are no other selection criteria.

What is Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT)? 
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking is a new literacy critical to success in coding, computer science and STEM. The CAT challenge introduces students to foundational computational thinking skills without requiring coding skills.

How do I register for Enigma? 
Enigma supports open registration by both schools/educators as well as students/parents. Sign up here. or scroll below for the registration form.

Registration Form

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This is a 2-step registration process. You will be asked to enter basic information before being re-directed to the full registration page. This is to safe-guard all registrated participants just in case your registration breaks-up due to technical issues and we can send you a notification to redirect you to the full registration page.

How much is the registration fee? 
Engima is a fun-free competition for all students in grades 3 to 12 for Mathematics, grades 5 to 12 for CAT, and grades 5 to 12 for English. Hence there is no fee to register. However if students wish to purchase the warm-up papers, they can do so at a small fee of USD $2.99.

When is Enigma conducted? 
Enigma is a bi-annual challenge conducted in March/April and October/November every year within a flexible 8-week window. The first Enigma Challenge is scheduled to begin in October, 2016.

The first round will be conducted from 27 Feb 2017. Contestants have a widow of 4 weeks to complete the challenge.

Invitational round will begin in : 27 March 2017.

Invited  participants have another 4 weeks to complete the challenge)

What is the Enigma Challenge format? 
Enigma is a 2-round, online, individual challenge conducted during a flexible 8-week window. Each round is 40 minutes. Round 1 is open to every student. Select round-1 participants are invited to Round 2. Both rounds are conducted within the 8-week window. Enigma is offered in 3 subjects – Math, Computational & Algorithmic Thinking, and English.

Registration Form

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