On behalf of the Committtee on the American Mathematics Competition, we extend our congratulations to one and all who have taken part  in the

American Mathematics Competition 8 Y2017 that was conducted on

14th Nov 2017.

Here’s a guide to the award codes

D – Certificate of Distinction: Achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8.


HD – Honor Roll of Distinction: Scored in the top 1% worldwide by achieving a score of 20 or above.

 H – Honor Roll: Scored in the top 5% worldwide by achieving a score of 17 or above.


 A – Certificate of Achievement: Students in grade 6 or below who scored a 15 or above on the AMC 8.

P – Participation Certificate: All students who participated in these problem-solving challenges are building their mathematical skills and should be recognized for this achievement.



High scoring students(Honor Roll and above)  might consider registering for the American Mathematics Competition 10A-7 Feb 2018 or AMC 10B on 15 Feb 2018


High Scoring Primary School Students (scored an Achievement roll and above) may consider participating in the forthcoming

Asia Mathematics Olympics(AMO) hosted by the Ministry of Education Japan. 

To secure your invitation please click here


Details of the venue, reporting time on 7th March will be email/sent to you once your application is processed and is successful.

Due to the limited number of invitations we are given for Singapore by the Japan Ministry, we regret to inform you that not all participants will be invited for the Heats round. Please register your interest early.

There is no fee for the Heats round.Schools who wish to register their students and host the Heats round of the AMO in school please contact us by completing this registration form


We will contact you as soon as we can.

AMO-Heats Round: 7th March 2018 (own school or central venue): No registration fee

AMO-Preliminary Round: 10th June 2018 ( based on invitation and will be determined by results from the Heats Round.Registration fee of S$40.00/student for school participants & $50.00/student for open category participants)

AMO-Special Round: 22 July 2018: No fee. based on results from the Preliminary Round.

AMO Award Ceremony: 19th August 2018 (Tokyo): TBA


American Mathematics Competition 10/12A: 7 Feb 2018


American Mathematics Competition 10/12B: 15 Feb 2018

Attached in the following files you will find the names of students who have won the various awards,

  • Distinction: Students with a 1 in this column have earned this award, students with a 0 in this column have not. These students qualified for the AIME and were included on your AIME spreadsheet.
    • Top 5% of AMC 12A/B participants (scores of 100.5 or above)
    • Top 2.5% of AMC 10A/B participants (scores of 120 or above)
  • Achievement: Students with a 1 in this column have earned this award, students with a 0 in this column have not.
  • AMC 12A/B students who scored 90 and above and are in grades 10 and below
  • AMC 10A/B students who scored 90 and above and are in grades 8 and below

Here’s the list of winners

Certificate of Achievement





Certificate of Distinction 


  • All students who have participated from Open Category and Nanyang Primary have their individual scores emailed to them.
  • We are mailing out the certificates to the winners from the various schools and will be updating the list of schools that we have posted to in due course.
  • For this year’s contest, medals and pins will be awarded to Certificate of Distinction winners /AIME Qualifers
  • Pins will be awarded to School Winners of every school.
  • For enquiries, please contact us at asiamaths[at]
  • American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8) returns on 14 Nov 2017. Registration starts 7 August 2017.



On behalf of the Committee on the American Mathematics Competition,

we extend our congratulations to all students who have participated in the

American Mathematics Competition 8 on November, 15 Y2016.


Here’ a list of the award winners for the various awards.

  • Honor Roll with Distinction Y2016. For students with a score of at least =/>21
  • Honor Roll awarded to students with a score of at=/ > 18
  • Achievement Roll: Awarded to students Grade 6 or below with a score of=/ > 15.
  • Intramural awards: Gold, Silver & Bronze.
  • Students who have score an Honor Roll in the 2016 American Mathematics Competition 8 will receive the invitation to participate in the next level of Challenge the AMC 10/12 Y2017.
  • Students who wish to participate in this challenge are welcome to register at


Honor Roll with Distinction

Honor Roll

Achievement Roll




2016 AMC 8 Contest

Explanation of Awards

Forthcoming on 7 Feb 2017




Forthcoming, we have the following Exciting Competitions in 2017

Hua Xia Cup CHong Kong Mathematical Olympiad

Hua Xia Cup
Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad

Japan Intl' Science & Math Olympiad for Primary Schools

Japan Intl’ Science & Math Olympiad for Primary Schools

Online Aust Math Olympiad

Online Aust Math Olympiad

Stay tuned for more updates and competition invitation soon.

Here’s wishing everyone a successful 2017 and a brilliant start to the year!

If we have piqued your interest in maths competitions and you like to sharpen your skills, here are a few recommended resources for your consideration

To contact us

email us at

Tel: 6521-2993 (from 4 Jan 2017 onwards. We are still in the process of processing results and hope to be given the time to concentrate on this task. Thank you for your understanding)