World Mathematics Invitational (WMI)

World Mathematics Invitational Y2023

Congratulations to all winners for the World Mathematics Invitational Prelininary Round 2023 (Singapore Qualifiers)

The following students qualified for the WMI Finals that will be held in

Yonsei University from 14-18 July 2023

We will be in touch with you soon for the registration details of the finals.

The World Mathematical Invitational (WMI) has concluded it’s 2021 Competition with more than 2,000 participants in the WMI Finals that was conducted on 18th July 2021.

We now awaiting for the Award Ceremony for the Finals of the WMI 2021.

More photos will be posted soon.

To be kept in touch for the 2022 WMI Competition, please enter your name and details in the Google form below.

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World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) was co-founded by Mr. Kun-Lung Tsai, the chairman of Chinese Mathematics Association, and Mr. Quan Lam, the professor in University of California,Berkeley, in 2013. Mr.Chi Hen jin , the professor and Director of Mathematics Program in Indiana
State University participate WMI in 2017.


  • Offer students an opportunity to interact with other
    math-loving students around the world.
  •  Expand students’ worldview, encourage them to
    experience different cultures, and advance their
    own individual development to face upcoming

Congratulations to all winners & participants for the World Mathematics Invitational Competition Y2019.

Here’s the Results for the 2019 WMI Preliminary Round Competition held in Singapore on 13th March 2019



If you have won a Gold (Top 5%) , Silver(Top 10% ) or Bronze(Top 25%) , you are invited for the World Mathematics Invitational Finals 2019 to be held in Fukouka from 15-19 July 2019. To register for the WMI Finals, please click here ==>

Please rsvp by 19th May 2019 in order for us to make arrangements for the contest in Fukouka.

World Math Creative Competition 2019

In addition, finalist from the WMI 2019 will be invited too participate in the

Mini Math Creative 2019. Details available in the pdf below.

Details ==>

Rules & awards==>


Click here to register for the WMI Preliminary Round 2019

Fill out my online form.
The WMI leads to more competitive exams such as the WMI Finals that will be held in Fukouka, Japan from 15-19 July for invited students based on results from the preliminary round competitions.