AMO-Asia Mathematics Olympics by Japan…

Congratulations to all Winners of the 2022 Asia Mathematics Olympics(AMO) 2022.

Here’ a full award list of winners.

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Finals Award Winners for Asia Mathematics Olympics 2022

There were a total of 1013 participants in the AMO Preliminary Round despite it being held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Out of the 1013 participants, only 10 participants were invited for the AMO Finals based on their scores as compared to the host country -Japan.

Out of the 10 invited finalist, 2 were absent for the AMO -Finals that was conducted in July 2022.

These are the winners from the AMO Finals 2022. We thank you for your participation and look forward to your participation again when the AMO returns on 11th June 2023.

CountryNameContestGradeFinals Award
IndiaAahaan MahajanAMO Kid Bee3Gold
IndonesiaAdellazahra Shahia KiranaAMO Kid Bee2Gold
AMO Final results 2022

AMO Preliminary Results 2022

CountryNameContestGrade AwardNote
Gold Award
PhilippinesAlexandra Mariae Ambrosio2022 AMO Bee2GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
PhilippinesSophia Yzabel Tiu2022 AMO Bee3Gold 
PhilippinesRhyo Lincoln Sunico2022 AMO Bee2Gold 
PhilippinesLucas Adam De La Cruz2022 AMO Bee3Gold 
IndiaAahaan Mahajan2022 AMO Bee3GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
IndonesiaAdellazahra Shahia Kirana 2023 AMO Bee3GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
IndonesiaHugo Roland Handyanto 2024 AMO Bee1Gold 
IndonesiaMatthew Leonard Oey 2022 AMO Bee2Gold 
IndonesiaMarvel Alexander Susilo 2022 AMO Bee2Gold 
IndonesiaPutu Esa Indrastra Nugraha 2022 AMO Bee3Gold 
IndonesiaXygma Panjerrino2022 AMO Bee2Gold 
SingaporeHuang Baishen Terence2022 AMO Bee3GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
PhilippinesMartha Isabelle Bustos2022 AMO Junior4Gold 
PhilippinesCarsten Edmund Ang2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
PhilippinesMari Jared Connor2022 AMO Junior4Gold 
PhilippinesJenelle Nyka Lee2022 AMO Junior4Gold 
PhilippinesJuan Alfredo Asperin2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
PhilippinesEthan Caleb Choy2022 AMO Junior4Gold 
IndonesiaJauhara Nabila Lestari2022 AMO Junior5GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
IndonesiaClaudia Amadea Rajasa Ginting2022 AMO Junior4GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
IndonesiaFauzan Ahmad Azzaki2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
IndonesiaAldan Azahwan Ikhsan2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
IndonesiaKeisha Nasyara Renaldi2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
IndonesiaClarissa Alana Rajasa Ginting2022 AMO Junior4Gold 
IndonesiaKiara Nadhiva Lihu2022 AMO Junior5Gold 
SingaporeTerrence Li2022 AMO Junior5GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
Philippines Feival N. Pulusan2022 AMO Senior 6 Gold Qualified for Finals 17 July 2022
PhilippinesReilyn Abbigayle So2022 AMO Senior6Gold 
PhilippinesAndrew Lorenz Cabigon2022 AMO Senior6Gold 
PhilippinesMaribeth Jullian Tiong2022 AMO Senior6Gold 
IndonesiaKenzo Alvaro Lim2022 AMO Senior6GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
IndonesiaJOSE WILLIAM THERUNA2022 AMO Senior6GoldQualified for Finals 17 July 2022
Silver Award
PhilippinesCarlo Santino Aceret2022 AMO Bee3Silver 
PhilippinesElizur Daniel A?abieza2022 AMO Bee2Silver 
PhilippinesGifford Dave Chan2022 AMO Bee2Silver 
PhilippinesAlvin Kylee Shamaine Chua2022 AMO Bee3Silver 
PhilippinesMiguel Ynigo Madrid2022 AMO Bee3Silver 
IndonesiaDanish Aidan Akbar 32022 AMO Bee3Silver 
IndonesiaMuhammad Revan Alvaronizam 22022 AMO Bee2Silver 
IndonesiaBrahmantyo Hanggono Putro 32022 AMO Bee3Silver 
IndonesiaAisyah Hilmiya Ahmad 22022 AMO Bee2Silver 
IndonesiaNaufal arsyad fitrah al muhaimin 12022 AMO Bee1Silver 
SingaporeKeira Kong2022 AMO Bee3Silver 
SingaporeKoh Jun Pang Markus2022 AMO Bee3Silver 
PhilippinesRobert Henrik Uy2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesDylan Koji Roxas-Chua2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesCalyx Pierre Patron2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesRegidor Ma. Ponferrada2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesElisha Rae A?abieza2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesWillary Abriol2022 AMO Junior4Silver 
PhilippinesKendro Matteo Oliver2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesKenzie Timothy Ong2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesAnais Saabella Tarun2022 AMO Junior4Silver 
PhilippinesAnne Angel Celeste2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
IndonesiaQueen Alexandria Putri Kumala2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
IndonesiaRaia Deandra2022 AMO Junior4Silver 
IndonesiaNick Frederic Kristian2022 AMO Junior4Silver 
IndonesiaMuhammad Zhafran Vandika2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
IndonesiaRAISYA KAMILA AZZAHRA2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
IndonesiaJian Zulfikar2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
SingaporeJulian Samuel Wang2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
SingaporeJAZLYN CHUA QING RU2022 AMO Junior5Silver 
PhilippinesCaitlin Lopingco2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
PhilippinesErik Nathan Estiva2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
PhilippinesGia Arianna Galicia2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
PhilippinesShaun Lawrence Poh Leung2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
PhilippinesJeanina Balisbisana2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
IndonesiaKetut Andra Nugraha Utama2022 AMO Senior6Silver 
Bronze Award
PhilippinesJulio Kendrei Real2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
PhilippinesNathan Gohoc2022 AMO Bee2Bronze 
PhilippinesDylan Mattews Lim2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
PhilippinesRurik Leandre Raquin2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
PhilippinesRyden Krister Guevarra2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
IndonesiaMalika Alifia Rusmiadi 32022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
IndonesiaMUHAMMAD ADRIAN ZAFRAN 22022 AMO Bee2Bronze 
IndonesiaQueeny Batrisya Anindita Dwiyananta 32022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
IndonesiaSyailendra Banyu Biru 22022 AMO Bee2Bronze 
IndonesiaArissa Rifaya Khairunnisa 12022 AMO Bee1Bronze 
IndonesiaZenobia Assaggi Mabel2022 AMO Bee2Bronze 
IndonesiaSachio Fabian Meru2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
SingaporeCo Jin Yuan Leon2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
SingaporeMa Qinying Kotomi2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
SingaporeChan Ying Xin Janice2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
SingaporeChan Ying Xin Janice2022 AMO Bee3Bronze 
PhilippinesEmerald Grace Clerigo2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
PhilippinesAlex Xavier Tecson2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
PhilippinesSabrina Louis Cheong2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
PhilippinesLiana Alexa Regidor2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
PhilippinesRania Emmanuelle Vestra2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
PhilippinesMiguel I?igo Binos2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
PhilippinesGavin Dilla2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
PhilippinesSteve Lowell Poh Leung2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
IndonesiaFATHAN LUTHFAN SYADZWAN2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
IndonesiaARFA HAFIZI ZAKWAN2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
IndonesiaPeter Euan Ridjab2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
IndonesiaAyska Aqila Anindia2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
IndonesiaRayhan Rino Dwi Jovario2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
IndonesiaNathalia Arlyenne Hadi Gunawan2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
IndonesiaFaiha Hana Almeera2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
IndonesiaShafa Maharani Lubis2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
SingaporeLucas Chia2022 AMO Junior4Bronze 
SingaporeCo Jin Wei Thaddeus2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
SingaporeChoo En-Ting, Emeline2022 AMO Junior5Bronze 
PhilippinesJacques Derek Ong2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
PhilippinesLuis Isidro Bersamin Jr.2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
PhilippinesCara Myramay Tiu2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
IndonesiaKetut Andra Nugraha Utama2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
IndonesiaBryan Adrian Romeli2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
IndonesiaViana Tristia Klarissa2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
IndonesiaAmira Balqis Kiraya2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
SingaporeJaren Tan Cheng How2022 AMO Senior6Bronze 
PhilippinesJacob Raphael Tuy2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesReese Allison Pardinas2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesJenica Siqing Zhou2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesCaiser Charleton So2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesRudy Aldrin Turingan2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesSkyler Xaint Obusan2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesKirk Lucas Pangan2022 AMO Bee1Participation 
PhilippinesEunice Gaerlan2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesAvi Zanoah Asperin2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesRaphael Cody Sioco2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesYul Kwon2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesEarljohn Clark Formalejo2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesAlexandros Naval2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesHenry Ian Tan2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesSean Gabriel Mackenzie Uygongco2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesDavid Gabriel Reaport2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesMadison Kayla Cajustin2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesJia Arcadio2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesLavlee Grace Bolanos2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesMeagan Salazar2022 AMO Bee2Participation 
PhilippinesMateus Iosif Fernandez2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesSer Allan De Leon II2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesElishane Brielle Barbosa2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesJavier Sandrino Reyes2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesRan Aeri Mizuki Ropal2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesEthan James Borines2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesMiguel Kristian Benitez2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesCaitlyn Elise Chung2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
PhilippinesJathan Irvin Garcia2022 AMO Bee3Participation 
IndonesiaCheryl Syakura Rahmani 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaNicole Zoey Halim 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaHadiyya Aqeela Antono 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaBenediktus Hudoyo Darel Adyatama 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaBryan Emmanuel Soejanto 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaKaysha Anindhita Putri Gunawan2022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaAzkadina Alfanani 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaAbizar Ahza Sakti 12022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaBinsar Marchellino Siagian 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaTalitha syakira inara 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaPutra Mahardika Loasari 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaRasya Kamil Alkarim 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaRiza Akbari Prabowo 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaMuhammad Arganta Daniel 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaNabila Iftinan Alifa Khansa2022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaMUHAMMAD RAIHAN ALFAREZY 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaPrinceton Audrich Hirawan 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaVaphio Edgar Lazaro Hadi 2022 AMO Bee1Participation
IndonesiaAriqo Arsyad Narendra 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaNabila Iftinan Alifa Khansa 22022 AMO Bee2Participation
IndonesiaXavier Yozha Soelastoko 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaNicholas Javier Mangaraja Sinaga 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaDzaki Asyraf Muhammad 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaShakeela Sofia Rigillia 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaArkana Cahya Priharyasma 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaEvan Radithya Khodyat 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaDanishwara Windra Pradipta 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaKarina Miza Shofia 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaLouisa adidjaja2022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaJevero saad alfarozy 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaRafifa Arsyila Farzana 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaNadya Azzahra Prayudhi 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaBarri Valian Jon Haritz 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaSharlene Zanetta Tung 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaZhafir Arkana Kurniaputra 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
IndonesiaNadia Hasrumia Artiasana 32022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeKee Haw Ray2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeSong Wanyu Grace2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeEthan Tan Zhelong2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeAsher Tan Chun Siang2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeEvan Tan Zhi Lin2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeSonia Ng Hee Yun2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeCHUA JIA CHEN REAGAN2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeReyner Tan Jun Fng2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeGlynis Ong2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeDeclan Li Jun Yu2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeKhoo Yi Sian Daniel2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeNg Shao Ken2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeLor wen shan claire2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeZhang Zi Ling2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeKatelyn Yeo Sze Ern2022 AMO Bee3Participation
SingaporeLin Ruiqing Jeffery2022 AMO Bee3Participation
PhilippinesTyler Gavin Uy2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesMikkah Gail Ang2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesMichiko Meredith Tiong2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesRaisa Aileen Turingan2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesDenver Vince Oppus2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJedeiah Timothy Pialago2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesDon Johnryl Sembrano2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesCarsten Seth Dagdag2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesStacey Fame Nacion2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesMelouny Purqued2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesSbethlana Realin Mallari2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesRafael Xianrolf Bagayaua2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesYaffah Ceana Wrnz Pundan2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesSamantha Raeleigh Chua2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesHarold Jude Diamante2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesGinjiro Eiden Lao2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesNiall Severo Madrona2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJared Connor Mari2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJared Keith Vindrei Baba2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesAngel Ria Razon2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesReane Haley Wee2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesTheodore Embuscado2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJakob Gabriel Estabillo2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJoshua Emmanuel Gonzalez2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesLief Christian Benedict Lantin2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesAqeel Nikolai Mamutuk2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesZhian Salazar2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesJaela Samantha Solares2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesEihthan Zander Sy-Reyes2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesPierce Victor Takai2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesLucas Uy2022 AMO Junior4Participation
PhilippinesKian Kenji Presto2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJasmin Remz Abelarde2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesAdrian Xhaiden Nobleza2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesPhipa Libunao2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesRyan Theodore Cabigon2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesKien Andrei Gupo2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesMitcheve Khale Asico2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJanemar Manuel Ramos2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJuan Carlos Profeta2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJarod Moses Cajustin2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJohan Sebastian Balois2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesEthan Bryan See2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesCzarika Jasmine Torralba2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesSachi Caitlyn Esteban2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJessie Dela Cruz Jr2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesCiryl John Renomeron2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJames Martin Arde?a2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJeremy Paul Jaucian2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesMagnus Li2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesPeter Jacob Lopingco2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesGabriel Jacob Del Moral2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesMichaela Alexa Rubico2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesWiniel Delos Santos2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesLouise Ysabel Mangahas2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesKristalyn Pereja2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesKeila Lorraine Alejandro2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesKim Tricia Tan2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaLavinia Jesslyn Prayogo2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaR.M. Michael Pangeran Muda2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaAlfian Zaviera2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaKenzo Susanto2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaOlivia Zivanna2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaBae Yoo Na2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaFausteen Electra Harmawan2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaJacob Xavier Chandra2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaTyara Beatrice Tharanad2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaKeenzha Athallah Fahrureza2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaHAEKAL El RAIN BUTAR BUTAR2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaGhifar Asymawi Indrasta2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaAbhar Reefan Primasakti Sagar2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaAlifakih Arrasyaa Hadikusuma2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaM. Hazel Javiero Al Ayubi2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaSavio Khalifa Isha2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaBrayden Atmaja2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaDanuja Althaf Rusnandar2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaMaheswara Kesowo Harimurti2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaShalomita Olivia Deborah L2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaFaiq Nururrahman Hutrindo2022 AMO Junior4Participation
IndonesiaAksel Hadi Wijaya2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaNurul Jannah Achaddian2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaNaufal Wiandra Hanin2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaDimas Dhiroshi Hasan2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaFarraz Rasyadia Pramono2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaZahidah Syakira Tamimah2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaArzaqa Gunatama Zukhrufi2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaAnthony Maxwell Gunawan2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaChallysta Almira Ramadhani2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaDanadyaksa Saladdin Susanto2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaM.Zidane al barraa2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaSalsabila Ayu Humaira Marseno2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaJericho Putra Batara Suppa2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaLionel Kevin Wijaya2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaIbrahim nabhan2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaNajla Cetta Andini Firmansyah2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaMichael Handoko2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaChristopher Joash Adyatmadja2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaDaffa Akbarriyadh2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaDarren Singhajaya2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaAdlyn Nazurah Nugraha2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaDe Alrayden Ariestyanto2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaKenneth onggoputra2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaMuhammad Zahran Fahrezi2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaFaris Miza Arsyad2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaVanessa Putri Indrarto2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaMichael Handoko2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaBhima Dihyan Abhipraya2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaZielda Ferliana Az Zahra2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaEnzo James Suwardi2022 AMO Junior5Participation
IndonesiaMuhammad Hafiz Khoirul Fadly2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeAidric Lim Sheng Yu2022 AMO Junior4Participation
SingaporeLin Yuxuan Evangeline2022 AMO Junior4Participation
SingaporeSing Yu Chen2022 AMO Junior4Participation
SingaporeHoward Lim Ying Lee2022 AMO Junior4Participation
SingaporeKarys Ong2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeDora Lang2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeTimothy Lin Yu Cheng2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeWang Jialu2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeYash Raj2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeSeah Le-En XAvier2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeWyatt Wong Jun Di2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeKyla Maritza Vanko2022 AMO Junior5Participation
SingaporeTong Xin2022 AMO Junior5Participation
PhilippinesJefferson Nio Bayotlang2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesJaden Nathan Hernandez2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesLouise Rafael Tan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesMicah Diane Dy2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesJeremiah Emmanuel Lubiano2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesPaul Vincent Leandrei Navarro2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesLavlee Joy Bolanos2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesEmilio Javier Uysipuo2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesKent Solomon Onesa2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesChae Yeon Hong2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesAustin Michael Tan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesMarc Kelly Alviz2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesRandell Perrin Gonzales2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesYsabella Tonchee Ymballa2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesYuan Rey Dela Cruz2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesMarianne Izabelle Jaucian2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesLouise Margaret Mangahas2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesDavid Liam Tan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesCathlyn Yzabella Gadia2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesAlthea Celestine Saliganan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesLiam Enrico Lola2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesCliff Paulo Firmalo2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesIvan Zane Arceo2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesGabrielle Nicole Bagayaua2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesEric Nathaniel Cortez2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesFeivel Pulusan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
PhilippinesRussell Dave Tagumpay2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndiaAarav Anil Rao2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaKhoiril Khitam Sya’bana2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaSebastian Eldino Lesmana2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaXaverius Lionel Zheng2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaJefferson adidjaja2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaRaisharahma Aliya Rahayu2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaArsya Ramadhan Zaky2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaHilal Abiyu Al Zayyan2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaAksara Khalila Putri2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaDanendra Naufal Sinambela2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaR. Anggoro Mulneo Weka Kajana Priya2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaDayvid Tygger Zhang2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaMatthew Jeremia Oliver Tampubolon2022 AMO Senior6Participation
IndonesiaAL FATH ASTUCIA2022 AMO Senior6Participation
SingaporeTate Ng Po Leng2022 AMO Senior6Participation
Graphic Illustration of 2022 AMO Medals

Certificates for all contestants including winner’s certificates and medals will be sent back to your country’s teachers by 22nd August 2022.

Contestants invited for the AMO Special Round by Arithmetic Association of Japan and Ministry of Culture, Education, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) will received their invitation letter by this week. Due to the fluid pandemic situation, the competition will be hosted as an online competition on 17th July 2022.

We invite you to connect with us via our Facebook at

PIMSO Preliminary Round 2022

Forthcoming competition on 9th July will be the Philippines Mathematics & Science Olympiad(PIMSO) also hosted as an online competition . Registration available till 5th July 2022 >>

The Asia Mathematics Olympics(AMO) is organised by Asia Maths Alliance  Ltd and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology Japan and Arithmetic Society of Japan.
Hosted in Singapore for the fifth year, we are inviting Singapore’s best and brightest for this tough competition.
Come and test your math prowess in this challenging and mentally stimulating competition

Click here to register for the Preliminary  round 2022!.

Preliminary Round 2022 12th June 2022(Sunday) Online
Finals for Asia 2022 17th July 2022(Sunday) : By Invitation ONLY
Fill out my online form.

About the AMO 

The AMO is a prestigious mathematics olympics that is hosted by Gakken Asia and the Ministry of Japan Education, Sports, Culture and Technology(MEXT).

The Asia Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) is an international competition that has been held every summer since 1991. This competition aims to allow students to reveal and embrace their talent in Mathematics. More than 180,000 students from countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong and Korea have participated in this competition so far.

The Asia Mathematics Olympiad in South East Asia was held for the first time in 2017.


Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to the top 30% of contestants n each category.

Students whose score rank them amongst the top 40% will also received Certificates of Merit.


  • BEE ( Primary 1-3/Grades 1-3)  90 minutes. No of Questions : 10-12 fill in the blanks. No working required.
  • JUNIOR ( Primary4-5/Grades 4-5)  90 minutes. No of Questions : 10-12 fill in the blanks. No working required.
  • SENIOR ( Primary 6/Grades 6)  90 minutes. No of Questions : 10-12 fill in the blanks. No working required.

Sample Questions==>

RESULTS in 2018

Congratulations to one and all for your performance in the

recent Asia Mathematics Olympics (AMO) Y2018 that was hosted

on 10th June 2018. The AMO has been a tough competition with only 198 contestants qualifying for the Preliminary round from Singapore and Indonesia on 10th June 2018 selected through the Heats held on March 7, 21 and finalist from the HKMO Olympiad.

Listed below are the winners for the respective categories of contest namely the

  • BEE Category (Primary 1-3)/Grades 1-3
  • Junior Category (Primary 4-5) /Grades 4-5
  • Senior: (Primary 6 /Grade 6 only)

Winner’s List

SINGAPORE Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
BEE category
1st (Singapore)
Lai Chee Yoong Ethan
  Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Junior category
1st (Singapore)
Karthik Baskar
  Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Senior category
1st (Singapore)
Tan Shiuan Kai Jayden
Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
BEE category
2nd (Singapore)
Guo Chengxi
Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
BEE category
2nd (Singapore)
Ng Kyi Ren
Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Junior category
2nd (Singapore)
Joel Phua Yi Yang
  Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Senior category
2nd (Singapore)
Guo Cheng Guang
Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
BEE category
3rd (Singapore)
Lim Teck Yong Dylan
  Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Junior category
3rd (Singapore)
Xiao Nianhe
  Asia Mathematics Olympiad 2018
Senior category
3rd (Singapore)
Kaeden Cheong Tian Le

*We are waiting for the certificates to be printed and sent from Tokyo and will send the certificates and awards to the winner’s schools.

Average  score BEE Category is : 38.4 Top Score: 47

Average score Junior Category is : 39.875. Top Score: 59

Average score for Senior Category is: 28.8 Top Score: 49

Congratulations once again and we look forward to your participation  in the AMO and other mathematical olympiad we are hosting again in 2019.

About the AMO

The AMO is a prestigious mathematics olympics that is hosted by Gakken Asia and the Ministry of Japan Education, Sports, Culture and Technology(MEXT).

The Asia Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) is an international competition that has been held every summer since 1991. This competition aims to allow students to reveal and embrace their talent in Mathematics. More than 180,000 students from countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong and Korea have participated in this competition so far.

The Asia Mathematics Olympiad in South East Asia was held for the first time in 2017.

To participate in the Heats competition for 2019 please click here


[Official entry link is above]

Winners from the 2018 AMO Competition will automatically qualify for the AMO in June 2019. For further details please visit